Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper / Popcorn Maker, Red Collapsible Popcorn Bowl with lid for home – BPA free – for Healthy Homemade Butter & Oil-Free Recipes


  • IMPROVED BOTTOM FOR IDEAL POPPING: This silicone popcorn bowl has a specially shaped bottom that will help you to pop every single kernel without burning! POPS YOUR FAVORITE POPCORN PERFECTLY OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
  • THE LARGEST MICROWAVE SILICONE POPCORN MAKER ON INTERNET: Noticeably THICKER and 1 cm HIGHER THAN ALL OTHER similar products on the market, this silicone microwave popcorn popper for home makes a difference. This pro popcorn popper for microwave is the ideal accessory for any family home, college dorm or simply any place where there are movie fans and popcorn lovers. LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE and in VIBRANT RED COLOR, this popcorn popper is just perfect for easy and safe use at home.
  • COLLAPSIBLE RED BOWL WITH LID PERFECT FOR EASY STORAGE: This incredible popcorn bowl can be collapsed up to 1/3 of its size, which can be extremely handy when it comes to QUICK AND EASY STORAGE OR FOR TRAVELS. Why not collapse it and pack it in your backpack so that you can enjoy some freshly made, hot, buttery popcorn on your holidays.
  • SUITABLE FOR BOTH OIL AND OIL/BUTTER FREE COOKING: Are you trying to control the fat intake in your diet, so you can take care of your lovely figure? This red popcorn maker promises to help you keep in shape by eliminating all oil and butter from your home cooking. Enjoy healthy, easy recipes with this amazing silicone popcorn popper – BPA free bowl.
  • GIFT BOX WITH DELICIOUS RECIPES: Together with this cool microwave popcorn maker you will receive FREE RECIPES for easy and convenient cooking at home. Benefit now from this incredible VALUE OFFER and enjoy a risk-free purchase TODAY.


Enjoy Rich, Buttery, Delectable Popcorn At Home

You will love the idea of staying at home on a Saturday night to enjoy some quality, fun time with your family or friends. Are you a movie lover? So much the better.

Don’t you just love how that yummy, buttery smell of hot, freshly made popcorn fills the house?

This cool pro popcorn maker is just what you need to feel like you are actually in the movie theater.

Nothing Compares to This Cool, Microwave Popcorn Popper

This popcorn cup for microwave is nothing like the ones you will find out there. This amazing red popcorn popper is:


THICKER and therefore MORE DURABLE than most others

1 cm HIGHER than all other products on the market; becomes more spacious when collapsed

✓ Has a specially designed bottom that makes kernels to pop evenly and gives a better shape for baked recipes

✓ Made of high quality silicone

FDA Approved; completely safe for home use


Keep in Shape with Healthy, Oil and Butter Free Cooking

Now you are free to enjoy irresistible,flavorful popcorn without having the undesirable effects of butter or oil.

With this cool popcorn maker you are finally able to prepare your healthy,oil and butter-free popcorn and, why not, your favorite baked recipes as well.


We respect our clients and do our best to provide you with the best products possible.

Absolutely confident that this amazing home red popcorn maker will meet your highest expectations, we are able to offer you a lifetime warranty.

Wait no longer; benefit now from a risk-free purchase.

Get Your Own Cool Microwave Popper Today



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